2012-02-26 20:32:37 by Stealth-Logic

HEY YOU. Yea, you....

Fuck you.

Work. I needs it.

2011-09-25 02:20:15 by Stealth-Logic

I haven't had a real job in 4 years now I think. I'm so broke. If anyone wants to pay me for art FEEL FREE. I might actually go pro bono if I like ya enough. I wouldn't bet the farm on that though.

I also write by the way. Though I doubt very many people are soliciting for that.

What the hell

2011-09-18 16:38:48 by Stealth-Logic

I can't see any unscouted art. I doubt I'm the only one. Someone should get on that. I wanna scout some peeps up in this bitch.

Also, this mother fucker right here:
He might make a comeback soon, or so I've heard from a very unreliable source.


2010-05-27 00:31:03 by Stealth-Logic

I really gotta do some stuff.

Hi I'm Stealth-Logic, and I like to party. I've previously been known as one half of Peeman. I do art and stuff, and really gotta work on my animation skills.